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Strašnice is a traditionally elegant neighbourhood in the immediate vicinity of the centre of Prague. Among the busy main streets Strašnice residential area gives an impression of a green oasis, calm and life without haste amid the modern hustle and bustle. Its noble villas from the 20th of the last century create a unique atmosphere resembling old movies. Just one stroll around the beautiful high-grown gardens and an idea crosses your mind: "Well, here I would like to live." Now you have got this opportunity. In one of those unique gardens a villa grows, that has nothing to envy her sisters from the last century neither as concerns the architectural quality nor the workmanship – yet at the same time it offers the 21st century comfort – the elegant Villahouse Na Výsluní.

Vybavenost oblasti projektu Na Výsluní


Things to do and see?

  • Swimming Pool Slávie
    – 8min
  • Fitness BBC
    – 3 minutes
  • Hit Fitness Flora
    – 7 min
  • Hotjoga  42
    – 7 min
  • Park Gutovka
    – 7min
  • Hamr Sport
    – 12min
  • OC Flora
    – 7min

Transport connections

  • Metro A Želivského
    2 Tram stops Metro A Strašnická
    1 stop tram
  • Trams 7, 11, 5, 55
    stop Solidarita
    Trams 7, 19, 26, 51, 55
    stop Nad primaskou