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Projekt Semmering Apartments, Prague 5 - Prokop Valley

Housing financing

In case of paying higher instalments beyond the payment schedule, we offer clients a discount of 5% p.a. calculated from the amount of the earlier payment compared to the standard payment schedule.

Payment terms specified in the Semmering Apartments project meet conditions of mortgage banks in the Czech Republic, the client pays for actually realized parts of the construction according to the progress in the construction.
Possibility of individual payment terms to be arranged at a personal meeting.


Payment schedule


Reservation Contract

Reservation fee in the amount of CZK 100,000 for an apartment with 3 rooms + kitchenette and CZK 120,000,- for an apartment with 4 rooms + kitchenette, at the conclusion of the reservation contract.


Conclusion of Contract

payment of up to 25% of the apartment price upon the conclusion of a Letter of intent (after issuing the building permit – assumption 06/2013).


Notification of the execution of the shell construction

Payment of 40% of the apartment price - payment within 10 days from the notification of the execution of the shell construction, submitting an application for the registration of the building under construction into the land register and signing the pledge agreement in favour of the client’s mortgage bank.


The notification of the installation of wiring and plasters

payment of 25% of the apartment price - payment within 10 days from the notification of finishing the wiring and plasters - as evidenced by the record in the construction diary, resp. by the photo documentation at the request of a financing bank or an appraiser


Notification of the acceptance of the construction

balance payment of 10% of the apartment price – to be paid within 10 days from the notification of the final building approval before signing the purchase agreement.


Signing the purchase agreement and handing over the apartment


The company Acredit CZ is a long-term contractual partner JRD.

We offer our clients with expert advice on financing the purchase of real estate, including complete turnkey security for the loan. More information on www.acredit.cz.

A Credit Oldřich Míča
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