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Projekt Park Hloubětín, Prague 9 - Hloubětín

Ideal living for your family

Imagine a life in a new apartment in Hloubětín – in a quiet area full of greenery with a forest park nearby and the centre easily accessible in 20 minutes. Can you see your perfectly designed apartment layout facing south with a large living room, healthy indoor environment and minimal costs? This is not just a dream – this is living in Park Hloubětín.
  • Living in ecologically frugal passive houses protects the environment
    and saves your money
    . more...
  • Ideal locality with a forest park nearby, Kyjský pond and metro B Hloubětín station. more...
  • Well-thought layout plans, convenient purchase price. more...
  • Beautiful area that you and your children will love. more...
Spacious flats full of light
2 + kk 48-59 m2
3 + kk 65-93 m2
4 + kk 98-119 m2

Minimal operational costs and respect for nature

Healthy environment is our main priority. That is why we build ecologically by utilizing the most modern technologies. Passive living brings a lot of other advantages:

  • It burdens the nature 6 times less than ordinary housing
  • Saving up to 50% of expenses for the house operation
  • Healthy inner environment without bacteria, dust and noise, a system of controlled ventilation guarantees supply of fresh air throughout the day
  • Low costs for the common spaces and the management of the house - the administrators are chosen on the basis of strict criteria, the possibility of change is a matter of course
Look at the amount of regular deposits!
Find out how much you can save when living in Park Hloubětín.

Imagine that you own a beautiful, sunlit, spacious apartment 4+kk of an area of 117 m² in this project complex. Your monthly expenses for its operation will amount only to 3 519 Kč. This price includes the expense for the fund for repairs, insurance, common electricity, water, heat and hot water consumption, household waste, cleaning, management and the building inspection.

The average expenses for a comparable apartment in energy-wasteful projects amount to an average figure of more than 5 730 Kč. With us you will save:

  • Monthly at least 2 200 Kč
  • Annually around 26 500 Kč
  • In 30 years roughly 800 000 Kč

Don’t you believe? Compare us with other apartment projects!

Competing project no. 1: 2+kk, 55 m2 monthly expenses 2.766 Kč

Competing project no. 2: 3+kk, 97,5 m2 monthly expenses 4.670 Kč

Competing project no. 3: 4+kk, 117 m2 monthly expenses 5.085 Kč

Energy Label house B - Energy Class A
Energy Label house C - Energy Class A
Energy Label house A - Energy Class A

Accessibility of the centre of Prague and beautiful nature

We place strong demands on the selection of localities for our projects. Park Hloubětín has a great location with regard to the accessibility of the centre of the capital, public facilities and the possibility of leisure activities.

Only a few steps from Park Hloubětín there is a large forest park with picturesque Kyjský pond. It is a perfect place for relaxation – it allures you for beautiful walks, fishing, roller skating or bike rides. The biking trails start directly by the locality.

You can reach the metro B Hloubětín station within 5 minutes of slow walking. The tram and bus stops are located right by the house complex. You can be in the centre in 20 minutes. Within 10 minutes of walking distance you can do your shopping, go to the doctor or to school.

Apartments thought out to the last detail

In Park Hloubětín three apartment buildings are being constructed, all oriented towards their own park. They fulfill the highest demands regarding effectiveness, esthetics and comfort. Every apartment has unique layout considering the best space utilization. All residential rooms are facing south. This way sufficient amount of light is guaranteed throughout the day. You can enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon relaxation on your own terrace or balcony.

We utilize the best available technologies which ensure healthy environment and maximum energy savings. The unique system of controlled ventilation guarantees supply of fresh air throughout the day and maintains optimal humidity. Thus, bacteria and mold do not reproduce. Moreover, special filters prevent the penetration of dust and pollen. You will not be disturbed by outside noise.

The prices of the apartment in Park Hloubětín are very favorable – they start at 39 000 Kč for a square meter. You can purchase 2+kk from 2,34 mil. Kč, 3+kk from 3,3 mil.Kč. Apart from the front garden, balcony or terrace, every apartment also features its own cellar and garage space.

Quiet place for comfortable living

In the locality there is an internal park with an area of 3000 m2. You can find playgrounds, sport areas and naturally many opportunities to relax here. No cars park here. You can therefore let your children play beneath your apartment’s windows without any worries.

We also pay great attention to the quality of public space around the house. Park Hloubětín follows up on a quiet estate of first-republic villas and with its sensitive architectural design it suitably completes the local atmosphere. You will simply love this place!

Spacious flats full of light
2 + kk 48-59 m2
3 + kk 65-93 m2
4 + kk 98-119 m2

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