Living without compromises

The passive residential villa Na Výsluní is a modern interpretation of a comfortable and elegant living in a place where such a lifestyle has its tradition since the days of the First Republic – which means in the area of Strašnice. The very name of the street – Na Výsluní (On a Sunny Place) - reflects the fact that in the 30th, it was a popular location for the Prague intellectual and business elites. And the architecture of houses in this street is an indisputable proof of it. Na Výsluní Street has always been a good address.

Start of the construction: 02/2013
Scheduled completion of the construction: autumn 2014

Villahouse Na Výsluní in a nutshell

  • 15 luxury apartments
  • 2 rooms + kitchenette, size 54-64 m²
  • 3 rooms + kitchenette, size 82-87 m²
  • 4 rooms + kitchenette, size 99 - 107 m²
  • 5 rooms + kitchenette, size 119 m²
  • 25 underground parking spaces
Villahouse Na Výsluní
Energy Label

A modern classic in the green garden

The Villahouse Na Výsluní is a passive housing for the 21st century. It is very sensitively integrated into the garden of an original villa from the 30th of the last century and it respects the local greenery at the maximum. Its architecture, although modern, refers to the time when the aesthetic and utility function made one harmonious whole. A carefully elaborated architectural design and layout permit to go out to the balcony or terrace of any apartment and enjoy wonderful views of the city or into the grown-up greenery of the residential area. Garage under the Vilahouse will free you from the Neruda's question "where to put it." Proven high technology will not only save you a lot of money, but in the first place you and your family will live in a healthy, dust-free and noiseless environment. In fact the Villahouse Na Výsluní perfectly documents the philosophy of JRD – the connection of a healthy and comfortable living, savings thanks to low-energy technologies that were implemented and the construction with respect to the environment and nature where the building is located (see more in Our advantages).

Main advantages of the Villahouse Na Výsluní Project

  • residential area only 5 minutes from the centre
  • balcony or terrace and underground garage parking for each apartment
  • elegant apartments in the passive energy standard
  • leading technologies for healthy and comfortable living
  • low operating costs
  • modern architecture
  • complete amenities
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Standardy projektu

  • Doors and floors
  • Bathrooms
  • Flat elements and technologies
  • Building constructions
  • Common areas

Doors and floors

apartment entrance doors: safety class 3 with standardized fire resistance, equipped with a safety lock, ball-handle fittings, height 2100mm, white colour

interior apartment doors: veneered doors SANDE, weltless, height 2100mm, made by a quality German manufacturer SANDE with veneered lined doorframes, doors in living rooms with glazing, rosette fittings TIPA – ACT Servis

treading floor layers:

hallway, utility room- ceramic-tile floors, incl. plinth, Lassesberger Defile 30x60cm

living rooms, bedrooms, children rooms - three-layer wooden floor 15 mm thick, incl. perimeter fillets manufactured by Ariket or by Steirer, Hevea, Oak, Beech, Ash and the like type.

balconies – frost- resistant glued pavement or tiles laid on target

ground floor patios and terraces on the 4th floor - wooden grates on plates



  • wall hung toilet SAPHO TRACCIA 35 x 56 cm
  • WC mounting – TECE with water saving flushing, push button TECEplanus, dual flush, ground stainless steel
  • Ceramic washbasin SAPHO TRACCIA, 60 x 44cm
  • Ceramic mini washbasin in the restroom SAPHO TRACCIA, 45 x 22 cm
  • bathtub – IDEAL STANDARD Connect, 170 x 70 x 38,5 cm
  • shower tray squared SAPHO AURA
  • shower enclosure RONAL TOP-Line, clear glass, ALU chrome
  • single lever faucet, chrome KLUDI ZENITA
  • at the entrance to the gardens – frost resistant fitting for a garden hose
  • tiles and flooring: high quality tiles made by Spanish manufacturer Saloni, Tectonic series, 30 x 60cm, aluminium eloxal strips

Standard construction elements of apartment

  • windows: massive wood, EURO profiles thickness 88 mm, insulating triple-glazed, „warm” frames
  • shading: preparation for sun-blinds on south and west side, electronically controlled, according to the project plan, in places with lack of natural shadingWC mounting – TECE with water saving flushing, push button TECEplanus, dual flush, ground stainless steel
  • window ledges: laminated inner window ledges, window-coloured
  • set up for installations: outlets for washing mashine and dryer installation in the utility room in the kitchen area installation of hot and cold water lines and drain pipes for kitchen sink and dishwasher terminating in blind flange
  • ventilation: central ventilation with heat recovery from waste air, air distribution in the lower ceilings (system by top manufacturer ATREA)
  • source of energy: common central heating and hot water, heating substations for apartments
  • heating: hot water system with small design radiators in each room, independent setting and control, regulated thermostat, programming of daily operation mode
  • sockets and switches: white, designed, manufacturer Legrand – type Celiane
  • low current equipment: STA socket in each room (star system outlet), data conection outlet in the utility room (possibility to connect WIFI router), data outlet in the living room, preparation for telephone connection, intercom situated by the entrance door to the apartment
  • lighting: lights in the appartments are not included in the standard, only preparations are included according to project plans lighting of the front gardens, terraces and enclosed balconies is included in the standard, energy saving types based on architect´s design
  • metering: individual metering of hot and cold water and heat consumption for each apartment, influence on own consumption
  • TV system: connection to digital terrestrial TV and possibility to extend by satellite connection (based on agreement)
  • data/telephone: data line distribution from central switchboard into each apartment, telephone line distribution from central switchboard

Building construction

  • construction system: massive brick wall system made of ecological limesandstone blocks with reinforced concrete monolitical ceilings
  • perimeter walls: extra thermal insulation of perimeter walls, thermal insulation thickness 200 mm
  • walls between apartments: built of limesandstone blocks or mineral fibre sendwich type walls with acoustic and thermal insulation
  • apartment flooring: self-levelling anhydrite floating floor placed on thermal and foot step sound insulation as an underlay for walkway flooring
  • interior walls: built of plaster blocks thickness 100 mm, excellent acoustic properties, possibe extra walling according to project plan
  • painting: double layer high quality painting, white range
  • wall surfaces: high quality smooth plastering
  • lower ceilings: plasterboard construction – bathroom, toilet, hallway according to project plan
  • exterior features: wooden pergolas installed on some of the terraces, according to project plan

Common areas

  • staircase: reinforced concretre, acoustically isolated from the rest of the construction
  • walkway flooring: ceramic anti-slip tiles
  • entrance door to the building: made of aluminium, glazed
  • features: bell panel - stainless steel, mailboxes, cleaning zones
  • interior lighting: energy saving lights
  • garage: entrance closed off by section garage doors, remote control, parking spaces marked and numbered, one-way, light signalling
  • common outdoor areas: building area + park (bushes, trees), paved areas and pavements made of interlocking pavement, wooden fencing or wire netting fencing
  • garbage: space for residential waste
  • elevator: machine-room-less elevator with quieter operation


Financing of the real estate purchase

In cooperation with our proven mortgage broker we offer you a free service to ensure the best mortgage to fit your abilities and needs. You will save your time and get very favourable terms for financing your home.


Interior Designer

There are interiors, where we just feel wonderful. And often we do not even realize why. It may be because of the set of various details - chosen colours, used materials, arrangement of the furniture, the way of lighting ... We can offer you services of our architects who will help you to design your living so that it is not only pleasant and comfortable but also elegant


Exterior shading brings a number of benefits for housing. In addition to providing pleasant lighting conditions it also helps to regulate the indoor temperature. It is certainly very pleasant to return from the work back home in the summer from the outdoor burning furnace to a pleasant temperature inside the shaded flat; in the winter blinds will help to save energy leaking through windows. Shielding helps to improve the privacy and intimacy of the environment at night and safety, anti-noise and aesthetic benefits of these systems should not be neglected either. We will be delighted to advise you in co-operation with our suppliers.

Built-in cabinets

Built-in cabinets allow comfortable and highly customized solutions for storing your belongings. Compared to conventional cabinets you will get fifty per cent bigger storage space. The advantage may be the preparation of these cabinets before moving into your new apartment.


Show apartment

Are you interested in our offer of the modern living in a low-energy apartment and you have not had a chance to try it? Do you want to compare it with conventional housing? We offer you the opportunity to try everything personally in our model flat. Come and see that all benefits of low-energy housing will be evident within a very short time.

In case of any query, please contact our broker.

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Client changes

We are aware that requirements of each client concerning his housing are of a very individual nature. In our system of client changes we enable you to fine-tune your home to the last detail. Then you can move into an apartment that will fully meet your expectations.

Landscape Architect

Most clients acquire a small garden because of that beautiful feeling of freedom. Relaxation in the fresh air, barbecue and space for children ... But it could easily happen that in a few months this beautiful feeling can be replaced by the feeling of a certain burden that bothers you and you cannot cope with it because of your busy work programme. A simple solution may be to use the services of selected landscape architects who will help you to harmonize your ideas concerning the appearance of your garden with its use and the way of taking care of it. And with their help, your small garden will without doubt become an oasis of peace and a source of joy.


The market offers a wide range of choices of lighting fixtures and systems, with a variety of designs, choice of light intensity, with varying degree of efficiency. Thus the lighting design becomes a very demanding activity requiring considerable expertise. Bad lighting can cause fatigue and lead to problems with sight. Good quality lighting is able to create different moods to suit your needs and to complete the interior of the apartment and to emphasize its interesting features. Professionals selected by us will help you to make the right choice.



The kitchen is no longer just a simple place to prepare meals. Already long time ago it has become a fully-fledged space in the apartment, where it often fulfils the function of the centre of joint family activities. The living space then remains a zone of a quiet relaxation and fun. Tailored in accordance with your individual requirements, our highly professional suppliers will design and manufacture your kitchen.

Safety systems

Feeling safe is one of the basic human needs. Together with our certified suppliers we can help to strengthen this feeling right from the 1st day after moving into your new apartment. Perhaps with the help of modern, scalable and remotely communicating safety systems, which are also easy to use. Simply, our motto is: safety first.



We all know the old saying of our ancestors that it is better to burn down than to move. Together with moving services providers selected by us we will convince you that today it does not have to hold true by far. Just try to get tuned in the idea that you are just sitting in your new apartment and only indicating to a professional worker from a moving company where you want to unpack your freshly moved things…

Extended warranty

The warranty period is a carefree period. We offer you the opportunity to extend the standard 2-year warranty for up to 5 years.