Ecocity Malešice

Ecocity Malešice is a set of five passive residential buildings in Prague, located in quiet surroundings between a forest and the Malešice park, yet in the wider centre of Prague. Thus it is an ideal housing for those who make choice between advantages of the life in the city and in the nature.

Start of the construction: November/2012
Scheduled completion of the construction: 1st half of the year 2014

Healthy living in the nature even for people with allergies

An automatic system of controlled ventilation, which prevents the increase in CO2 levels and unhealthy air humidity thanks to the controlled air circulation ensures the permanent and sufficient supply of fresh air and an even thermal comfort in the flats in the Ecocity Malešice. So you will not have the feeling of a stale air, which leads to headaches. The ideal humidity in the apartment will not propagate mould, bacteria and dust mites. The system includes dust filters that will significantly reduce the amount of dust in the flat. If the dust filters are replaced by pollen filters, an ideal environment for people with allergies is created. At the same time houses are very well insulated and have quality wooden EURO windows with insulating triple windows.

Ecocity Malešice in a nutshell

  • Stage 1 – 2 blocks of flats with a total of 44 flats
  • Stage 2 – 3 blocks of flats with a total of 66 flats
  • 2 rooms + kitchenette, size 56 m²
  • 3 rooms + kitchenette, size 69 - 75 mm²
  • 4 rooms + kitchenette, size 89 - 120 m²
Energy label
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Energy label
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10 reasons why living in Ecocity Malešice

Ideal accommodation for a happy life

Ecocity Malešice is located in Malešice, a quiet district of Prague that brings together benefits of the life in the city with the life in the nature. There are excellent transport links to the city centre and Ecocity Malešice is surrounded by a large and well maintained forest and Malešice Park with an area of 9 hectares, which is currently undergoing an extensive reconstruction ( Thus it will become a modern recreation centre with fountains, children's playgrounds, cycle routes, sanitary facilities, and also with a space intended for the free movement of dogs. The park will be completed during the summer 2013.

Flats in Ecocity Malešice are luxuriously spacious and bright thanks to large windows with triple glasses that at the same time have excellent insulating properties. Parking places are hidden in underground garages and the area between the buildings is designed as a free-flowing space with the park greenery where children can safely play outside the house.

Environmentally friendly housing

Living in Ecocity Malešice represents 5x smaller burden for the nature compared to living in a standard housing. The construction and operation of Ecocity Malešice have minimum impact on the environment and they save fossil fuels. The rainwater does not go to the sewerage system, but it seeps naturally into the ground through underground seepage baskets so that the natural water cycle is preserved. During the construction we have used only environmentally friendly and quality materials.

Main advantages of Ecocity Malešice

  • Quiet living close to the city centre
  • Living in the countryside
  • Healthy living in each apartment
  • More living space, ingenious layouts
  • More light in the apartment
  • Sunny and intimate loggias, front gardens and terraces
  • Timeless architecture in harmony with nature
  • Ecological housing
  • Economical housing
  • Quality materials and workmanship
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  • Doors and floors
  • Bathrooms
  • Flat elements and technologies
  • Building constructions
  • Common areas

Doors and flooring

  • entrance doors: safety door class 3, fire resistant, safety lock, handle-knob, height 2,1 m, white colour
  • interior doors: veneer door SANDE, height 2100 mm, first-rate German manufacturer BLANKE, veneer kevel doorframe, in living rooms partly glassed, rosette fitting TIPA – ACT Servis

walkway flooring:

  • hallway, utility room: ceramic tiles with skirting, 30x30 cm by manufacturer Saloni
  • living rooms: triple layer wooden floor, thickness 15 mm incl., perimeter trim incl., manufacturer Artiket or Steirer, type Hevea, Beech, Oak, Ash tree
  • bedrooms, rooms: laminated floating floor, manufacturer Egger, type Vivo Classic Oak/Beech/Cherry/Walnut.
  • Balconies and terraces: bonded frost resistant tiles or tiles on underlays



  • wall hung toilet SAPHO BABEL, water saving flushing
  • WC mounting – TECE with water saving flushing, push button TECEplanus, dual flush, ground stainless steel
  • Ceramic washbasin SAPHO BABEL, 60 x 50 cm
  • Ceramic mini washbasin in the restroom SAPHO BABEL, 35 x 30 cm
  • bathtub – acrylic, RIHO Miami
  • shower tray squared SAPHO EXTRA FLAT
  • shower enclosure RIHO Hamar square, clear glass, chrome profiles
  • single lever faucet, chrome KLUDI- LOGO NEO
  • at the entrance to the gardens – frost resistant fitting for a garden hose
  • tiles: high quality tiles by spanish manufacturer Saloni, TRAMA series, 25 x 40 cm, decors included
  • flooring: high quality tiles by spanish manufacturer Saloni, NEO series, 31 x 31 cm

Standard construction elements of apartment

  • windows: massive wood, EURO profiles thickness 88 mm, insulating triple-glazed, „warm” frames
  • shading: preparation for sun-blinds on south and west side, electronically controlled, according to the project plan, in places with lack of natural shading
  • window ledges: laminated inner window ledges, window-coloured
  • set up for installations: outlets for washing machine and dryer installation in the utility room in the kitchen area installation of hot and cold water lines and drain pipes for kitchen sink and dishwasher terminating in blind flange
  • ventilation: central ventilation with heat recovery from waste air, air distribution in the lower ceilings (system by top manufacturer ATREA)
  • source of energy: common central heating and water heating boiler in basement
  • heating: hot water system with small design radiators in each room, hot and cold water consumption gage as well as heat consumption gage in every apartment, independent setting and control, influence on own consumption, regulated thermostats
  • sockets and switches: white, designed, manufacturer Legrand – type Celiane
  • low current equipment: STA socket in each room (star system outlet), data conection outlet in the utility room (possibility to connect WIFI router), data outlet in the living room, preparation for telephone connection, intercom situated by the entrance door to the apartment
  • lighting: lights in the appartments are not included in the standard, only preparations are included according to project plans lighting of the front gardens, terraces and enclosed balconies is included in the standard, energy saving types based on architect´s design
  • metering: individual metering of hot and cold water and heat consumption for each apartment, influence on own consumption
  • TV system: connection to digital terrestrial TV and possibility to extend and by satellite connection (based on agreement)
  • data/telephone: data line distribution from central switchboard into each apartment, telephone line distribution from central switchboard

Building construction

  • construction system: massive brick wall system made of ecological limesandstone blocks with reinforced concrete monolitical ceilings and reinforced concrete walls in the areas where needed due to static requirements
  • perimeter walls: extra thermal insulation of perimeter walls, thermal insulation thickness 200 mm
  • walls between apartments: built of limesandstone blocks or mineral fibre sendwich type walls with acoustic and thermal insulation
  • apartment flooring: self-levelling anhydrite floating floor placed on thermal and foot step sound insulation as an underlay for walkway flooring
  • interior walls: built of plaster blocks thickness 100 mm, excellent acoustic properties, possibe extra walling according to project plan
  • painting: double layer high quality painting, white range
  • wall surfaces: high quality smooth plastering
  • lower ceilings: plasterboard construction – bathroom, toilet, hallway according to project plan
  • exterior features: wooden pergolas installed on some of the terraces, according to project plan

Common areas

  • staircase: reinforced concretre, acoustically isolated from the rest of the construction
  • walkway flooring: ceramic anti-slip tiles
  • entrance door to the building: made of aluminium, glazed
  • features: bell panel - stainless steel, mailboxes, cleaning zones
  • interior lighting: energy saving lights
  • garage: entrance closed off by section garage doors, remote control, parking spaces marked and numbered
  • common outdoor areas: building area + park (bushes, trees), paved areas and pavements made of interlocking pavement, fencing made of gabions or wire netting with plastic finish
  • garbage: space for residential waste in separate unit
  • elevator: machine-room-less elevator with quieter operation