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Standard construction elements of apartment

  • heating: very comfortable and energy-efficient heating and ventilation of hot air by recovery units DUPLEX, manufacturer ATREA, with recovery from waste air bathrooms – ladder radiators with thermostats and underfloor heating mat under the tiles
  • cooling: in summer passive cooling system thanks to the heat pump and ventilation system
  • DHW: hybrid storage tank with a volume of 300 l, heated by a heat pump with an electric heater cartridge
  • low current equipment: data outlet and STA socket in each room, preparation for telephone connection, telephone outlet wireless alarm system connected to central security system (windows and doors magnets, room PIR)
  • sockets and switches: LEGRAND – Celiane (white, khaki, graybrown, cement colour, sand colour)
  • set up for installations: in the kitchen area installation of hot and cold water lines and drain pipes for kitchen sink and dishwasher terminating in blind flange
  • gardens: basic lighting on the facade + water outlet
  • painting, plaster: plaster + double painting in white tone
  • shading: preparation for sun-blinds on all windows and balcony doors
  • lighting: lights are not included in the standard except lighting in bathrooms, where basic lighting fixtures are installed due to occupancy permit