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Projekt Diamantica Villas, Prague 5 - Prokop Valley

Vily Diamantica

Modern living
finely honed
to excellence

Villas Diamantica – that is 5 luxurious villas surrounded by beautiful nature that are like jewels delicately inserted into the exceptional environment of Prokop Valley in Prague 5. The unique composition of buildings, the best materials and sophisticated architectural design ensure perfect symbiosis with this unique location.

  • Low-energy houses that spare the nature and reduce operating costs
  • Unique location – only 5 owners can proudly claim:
    „We own a villa in Prokop Valley.“
  • Exceptional architectural solutions for your maximum comfort
  • Healthy indoor environment thanks to the latest technologies
  • Sufficient privacy in a quiet and safe environment
luxury homes in Prokop Valley
Villas Diamantica

Low-energy housing
with respect for nature

We put emphasis on a healthy environment. We always approach the neighborhood sensitively and with the greatest respect. That is why we build ecologically and use the most environment-friendly available technologies.

Villas Diamantica – low-energy housing with many advantages:

  • 4 – 6 times lower heating costs than with conventional new buildings
  • Energy consumption up to 15 kWh/m2 ensures an annual saving of 7 000 – 15 000 Kč
  • Heat pumps and heat recovery saves energy and spares the nature
  • Healthy indoor environment without bacteria, dust, pollen and noise

Exceptional location
for your happy life

Prokop Valley is ideal for family and romantic walks. This vast area represents valuable natural and cultural heritage of the metropolis. The traces of our ancestors are evident literally at every step and help to create the unique genius loci of this location.

Beautiful scenery of Prokop and Dalejské Valley is ideal for active leisure and relaxation. You can relax by Prokop cave where, according to the legends, saint Prokop lived alone. The mysterious atmosphere of Hlubočepy pond inspired many filmmakers and you will surely love it too. The flowing Dalejský stream further underlines this pleasant environment.

This oasis of peace is only 5 minutes by car, public transport or train from the station and metro Smíchovské nádraží. You can be in the city centre within 15 minutes. There are also excellent public facilities in the neighborhood.

Architectural design
refined to the last detail

Each of the five luxury villas is original. All of them offer superior solutions to meet the highest demands of modern living. Villas Sapphire, Topaz, Jade, Garnet and Amethyst provide its residents comfortable luxury living with plenty of privacy. We have chosen the best materials whose appearance and functionality have been perfected. The used building technologies are also top-class: for example triple-glazed windows, bearing walls made out of precise sand-lime blocks or perfect thermal insulation.

Villas Diamantica interiors are exclusively designed for your maximum comfort. Spacious rooms, elevated ceilings and large French windows provide plenty of light and create homely atmosphere. In the basement you can create a quiet place for relaxation with a hot tub and sauna or establish your own wine cellar or a playroom with a pool table and a bar. Each villa has formidable equipment coming from leading suppliers such as Villeroy & Boch, Marazzi, Hüppe or Hansa Stela.

luxury homes in Prokop Valley
Villas Diamantica

Cutting-edge technology
for healthy indoor environment

Each villa has a unique system of hot-air heating with controlled ventilation which ensures comfortable and healthy indoor environment. The system automatically feeds the fresh air into the interior. It also immediately heats or cools the air as needed and at the same time it rids it of dust and pollen.

Thanks to the controlled ventilation mold, bacteria or dust mites do not reproduce in the houses. This way optimal environment for allergic persons, asthmatics and persons who suffer from eczema is ensured. The constant inflow of fresh air will reduce the feeling of fatigue or headache and will promote healthy sleep.

The heat recovery system allows you to keep a stable and comfortable temperature in your interior and ensures a constant supply of air without the necessity to ventilate manually. It significantly saves energy. The outdoor environment is also healthy: each of the luxury houses in this project has its own garden with the area of 462 - 2036 m2 full of high-grown greenery.

Villas Diamantica
5 luxusních vil
usable area of villas to 350 m2 garden for each villa from 462 - 2036 m2